Lee Memorial Health Park South

Fort Myers, FL

Ascension St. Vincent’s Southside Hospital

In August of 2008 Lee Memorial Hospital System hired Ivy Group to work as the Hospital’s Architectural Forensic Consultant. The scope of work was to investigate exterior wall leakage and resulting damages, to develope expert reports and provide testimony in the legal case.

The 750,000 sf acute care facility began having moisture related intrusion in 2005 as the $53 million dollar additions and alterations were nearing completion. In 2008 problems with the solid stucco wall systems began to become evident, more leakage began to occur on a regular basis.

Ivy Group Consultants began the investigation and analysis of the conditions leading to the moisture intrusion and performed water testing of the wall systems on multiple levels of the Hospital in accordance with ASTM E 2128. IGC then brought in Interior Environmental Technologies (IET) as Indoor Air Quality Consultants, for the interior investigation using thermal imaging photography and sampling microbial growth within the exterior wall systems. Laboratory testing confirmed microbial growth with species of concern. The team developed the remediation plan and designed a re-cladding system to permanently correct the moisture intrusion conditions.

The project settlement of $12.5 Million allowed for the re-cladding project, Ivy Group was instrumental in the settlement and serves as Re-Cladding Consultant to LMHS.